1. Advocate for the rights of children and women. Since 2006 to date the project has being successfully managed to create awareness on the harms of alcohol and other drugs abuse, poverty, children right, importance of environmental preservation and HIV/AIDS to 33,529 pupils whereby 16,773 are boys and 16,756 girls, into 48 primary school in Arusha City.
    2. Public education campaign on the effects of alcohol and other drugs abuse to approximately 4,000 community members in Arusha and Rombo district council.
    3. Formulation of alcohol control bylaws in Rombo districts council and Arusha City Council.
    4. Building 2 pit latrines with 12 pits at Olkereyan primary school.
    5. Building rain water harvest system tank with 22,000lts at Olkereyan primary school
    6. Organizing and finance Arusha district alcohol effects conference where by 162 local leaders, influential people, religious leaders and other stakeholders attended, the guest of Honor was Arusha district commissioner.
    7. Tree distribution and planting
    8. Education support to vulnerable and HIV/AIDS children :
      • Since 2008 – to date 200 primary school pupils were supported by uniforms, food and or school fees.
    9. Counseling;
      • 104 women stopped producing and selling illicit brew and start alternative business.
      • 9 youth have stopped using drug injection


    • Capital to women for alternative business other than selling illicit brew.
    • Pit latrine and rain water harvest tank system for primary schools.
    • Sober house for drug addictions.
    • Transport to reach interior schools to train a girl child the importance of education (school retention).
    • Houses for the child headed families.

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