What does WOCHIVI mean?

  • WOCHIVI is the short form of Women and Child Vision

What year WOCHIVI founded?

  • WOCHIVI founded in year 2000.

How many staffs at WOCHIVI?

  • Three (3) staffs
  • Ten (10) volunteers

Are you faith based organization?

  • No, we are not faith based organization; we are Non-government organization and not affiliated with any political parties.

Where are the specific areas of operation?

  • Organization area of operation is Tanzania mainland, currently in Arusha and Kilimanjaro region.

What does WOCHIVI do exactly?

A. Awareness creation to pupils, teachers, women, local leaders, influential people and community at large on the;

  • Children rights
  • Women rights
  • Effects of alcohol and other drugs abuse.

B. Health and hygiene project.

How many population saved by WOCHIVI?

For the year 2017;

  • 5,865 Pupils, whereby 2,865 were boys and 2,980 girls.
  • 142 teachers whereby 130 women and 12 men
  • 99 Women groups members
  • 71 local leaders, whereby 59 were men and 12 women
  • 254 influential people whereby 187 were men and 67 women.

How many schools and pupils do you reach?

  • A total number of 38,341 pupils reached whereby 19,108 are boys and 19,233 girls since 2006 to date.
  • 48 Primary schools at Arusha City council, since 2006 to date.

Where do funds come from?

  • Members contribution
  • Donors

How many organization donors?

  • 2016-Two (2) donors
  • 2017-Two (2)donors
  • 2018-One (1) donor

What is your annual operating budget?

  • 2016 – 72,885,955/=
  • 2017 – 183,018,222/=
  • 2018 – 81,111,030/=

Why donate to WOCHIVI?

  • Financial transparency
  • Tangible and best result

What make WOCHIVI unique?

  • We work from grassroots level
  • Child, women and community centered projects
  • Holistic approach
  • Bottom up approaches
  • Locally staffs
  • Tangible result

Awards and recognition

  • 2008-Award from District Commissioner for recognition to education on the harms caused by drugs abuse to youth in Arusha City council.
  • 2017-Award from City Director for appreciation on supporting, compassion and commitments to the rights of girls.
  • 2018-Award from District Commissioner on appreciation of pits latrines and water harvest system at Olkereyan Primary school in Arusha city council
  • 2018-Award from City Director on appreciation of valuable contribution to the community development.

What should I do to become a member?

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What should I do to become a volunteer?

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What should I do donate?

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