The organization was established by a group of women who joined together to assist women affected by the HIV/AIDS within Arusha City in 1999.

Most women were expelled from their homes by the husband’s family after their husbands died of HIV/AIDS being told that they were the cause of the disease and deaths of their husbands.  These women didn’t know where to go since they were married and they could not return at their parents because their traditions restricted them. According to their traditions, these women were considered to bring sarcasm and shame to the families while in reality most of the men were alcoholism and contaminated with HIV/AIDS, and failed to provide for their families.

So in 1999 a group of 12 women decided to help these women by contributing tenth percent (10%) of their salaries so as will help them with basic needs such as food, Room rent, Vaseline and soap. They also assisted their children who grew up studying in difficult situations due to family issues.

In July, 2002 the organization was registered and started working officially. It grew to provide education and awareness creation to women’s families infected by HIV/AIDS and women who were expelled from their husband’s houses. The organization provided home based care, school fees and also provided basic business management skills and capital (Grant) for these women to start small businesses like selling vegetables, green bananas, used clothes, local restaurants           ( Mama ntilie) etc. so that they could economically rely on themselves.

The organization later found that alcohol awareness creation should be provided to children so that they grow up knowing harms caused by alcohol and other drugs abuse Aiming that, through this education even when they become older they will not abuse alcohol. For that reason, the awareness creation began officially in primary schools on the harms caused by alcohol and other drug abuse and children rights.

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