Our Services & Objectives


WOCHIVI is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political and Non-religious organization with the following objectives:

  • To educate women in Arusha and elsewhere who would like to work together to promote social progress to eradicate poverty, to enhance and sustain development within women from grass roots to the National level.
  • To assist in the mobilization of rural women and grass roots participation for the qualitylife improvement.
  • To establish social economic development projects in the fields of education, health and community development especially children’s care.
  • To organize self-reliant activities for the benefit of women and children in Arusha specifically and Nation as a whole.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and training in the fields activated with, for women and children.
  • To advice the Government on response and adaptive measures that can be taken to help women and children.
  • To cooperate with institutions and government engaged really in woman and child care for the benefit of all.
  • To coordinate financial, technical and material assistance from private contributions, local and international assistance.
  • To give advice to youth and Parents/guardians concerning youth changes in their growth.
  • To give advice/education to young people on the need to guarding against the practice of taking Drugs e.g inhaling of petrol, using marijuana (bhangi) and intoxicants.
  • To give advice how to prevent and guard against the spread of venereal diseases HIV/AIDS in schools, Colleges, institutions and other places which have been affected e.g mining places etc.
  • To give counseling to young people who are due to get married and starting married Life.
  • To give legal advice to women and to the community as whole.

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