Women and Child Vision (WOCHIVI) is a non-government organization which established in 1999 and registered on 20th July, 2002 under society’s ordinance given certificate number 11425 from the Ministry of Home Affairs and later given a certificate of compliance number 1695 from the Vice president’s office in July 2006. The head office is located in Arusha district at Engutoto ward. Currently renting three rooms house for office which is fully furnished with office equipments.

Area of operation: Organization operating in Tanzania mainland. Currently in Arusha and Kilimanjaro region.

MISSION: WOCHIVI is committed to rescue and bring up a healthier community by intervening the school community and issue that alcohol and drug abuse is reduced among school community members, who are pupils, teachers, parents and guardians.

VISION: To create a health community where people do not live in fear of poverty and diseases result from alcohol and other drugs abuse through providing education and socio economic empowerment.


  1. Executive Director
  2. Project coordinator
  3. Finance and administrator officer
  4. 10 Volunteers

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