Activities implemented 2006 To date – IOGT-NTO Movement Donor of our project.

  • Baseline and end line survey on alcohol situation assessment.
  • Education to women with HIV/AIDS and community at large on the relationship between alcohol and HIV/AIDS
  • Education to 48 primary schools pupils in Arusha City on the harms of alcohol and other drugs abuse and children rights.
  • Meetings with local leaders, influential people, other NGO`s and religious leaders on how to reduce women and children violence resulted from alcohol abuse
  • Meetings with producers, sellers and users of illicit brew and other local brews discussing on harm caused by illicit brew and other alcohol abuse.
  • Arusha District alcohol abuse effects conference.
  • Formulation of alcohol control bylaws.
  • Training women groups on the effects of alcohol and other drugs abuse in relation to gender based and children violence.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project results.
  • Lobbying and advocacy on National alcohol policy in collaboration with other NGOs.

Activities implemented 2008 – TACAIDS Donor of our project.

  • Home based care for HIV/AIDS patients
  • Primary school Uniform support to vulnerable pupils

Health and hygiene project 2016/2017- US Embassy Donor of our project.

  • Construction of 2 Pit latrines with 12 pits at Olkereyan primary school in Arusha
  • Construction of rain water harvest system with 22,000lts tank at Olkereyan primary school.

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